We live in a dynamic world where busy professionals and executives are multitasking, Commuting, working long hours, spend time sparingly with their loved ones, the last thing they want to do is go shopping for fine clothes. They are unable to get what they envision, fit is far from adequate, the fictitious sales always seem to have a catch not to mention the taxing the time of these busy and successful men who rather be sailing!

Here comes a rep from Michael Hopkins who has been in business since 1984 with four locations in Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Francisco, and New York City.

Michael Hopkins company provides great value in that our prices for custom clothes are the same as off the rack and provides the best of service by coming right to your doorstep, as a result, we have a healthy market share in the highly competitive environment. Our competition will have a hard time matching our prices and hardly anyone provides this unparalleled service. Try us once and you will see a whole lot of difference in your pocketbook and wardrobe.

A phone call or an email will bring the professional clothier to your office or home.