We live in a dynamic world where busy professionals and executives are multi-tasking, commuting, working long hours, with the remainder of their time devoted to spending time with their loved ones. A necessary, but time intensive, process is shopping for fine clothes. Customers are typically left unsatisfied from traditional retail stores and unable to find a combination of fit, style, and color that match their objectives.

Michael Hopkins has been in business since 1984 with four locations in Beverly Hills, Orange County, San Francisco and New York City.

Michael Hopkins provides the best consumer experience by coming to a location of your choosing with custom clothing options with pricing in line with traditional retail alternatives. We wholeheartedly believe our competition cannot match our combination of price, quality, and unparalleled service. We encourage you to give us an opportunity and are confident you will notice a significant difference in your wardrobe and wallet.

A phone call or an e-mail will bring a professional clothier to your home or office.