Today’s “off the rack” prices are already closing in on “made to measure” garments so there’s no reason to settle for an almost fit, when a perfect fit is affordable and far less compromising. The shirts and suits that you’re fitted for reflect the care and commitment that only comes from a custom suit and shirt maker.

There’s a certain authority to custom clothing. Only the right combination of hand-set pockets, single- needle tailoring, and double-reinforced seams add up to a wardrobe experience that is unsurpassed. It’s what you deserve, especially when you consider that you’re making new impressions, each and every day.

You will choose from an enormous selection of fabrics including wools, blends worsteds, lambs wool, camel hair, cashmere, ultra suede, silk & wool, silks, cottons, linens, just to name a few. You will receive careful consultation on colors and blends that make you look your absolute best.